My first intervention in recitals made in the Hall of the Dane Alighieri Association were with the Early Music Ensemble of the Collegium Musicum Buenos Aires, conducted by Guillermo Graetzer, the 26th of July 1961, and the Micro-concerts cycle organized by the same entity, made in the Witcomb Gallery Buenos Aires with the pianist Noemí Saslavsky, the 19th October 1962.

Through the great maestros of that entity –Erwin Leuchter, Ernesto Epstein and the already mentioned Guillermo Fraetzer, together with Leo Schwars and Teodoro Fuchs- I was initiated in Academic Music. 

I think the history of the Collgium hasn’t been written yet. In its “golden age”, it was a musical center of excellence. Prominent instrumentalists of international significance were formed there.



Asociación Dante Alighieri, 26 de julio de 1961, Conjunto de Música Antigua del Collegium Musicum de Buenos Aires. Director: Guillermo Graetzer. Integrado por Judith Akoschky, Marga Grajer de Farina, Susi S. de Graetzer, Estela Mordo, Mabel Pico, Charles Plank, Carola G. de Chumachenco, Roberto Britos, Eva Kantor.


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