I started with music thanks to my father, who was an orchestra director for the Army band. He was incarcerated many months in 1930, in the Las Heras jail, for being against a “President with boots”. When we were 7 we formed a duet with my brother Sebastián –two years older- singing folklore music with two guitars we played ourselves. We were members of a Kids Musical Group, organized and directed by my parents: “Niños de Buenos Aires”. We had a weekly presentation in the radios Stentor, Mitre, Belgrano and Cultura, which I remember well. That’s how my interest in singing started. 

My father went to Dolores (Buenos Aires Province) to direct de Musical Band School. I integrated then some modest orchestras to entertain popular dance balls, playing tango and jazz with my violin and my trumpet, and my brother at the piano, while we attended the National School. In Dolores I also met Honorio Sicardi, a prominent neighbour of the town. I took some classes with him and all my life I’ve lamented not being his pupil, due to my teenager ignorance of the relevant figure that wanted to teach me. I still own handwritten originals of choral works he gave me at that time. I even worked on some of his plays and I play my homage to him in the Anthology singing his “Floral Triptych”. 


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