Helga Epstein listened to me and I started my singing studios entering the Collegium’s Choir conducted by Guillermo Graetzer. Through him I was granted a scholarship with the DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service, which was later renewed for another three years. I relieved the sensation of leaving a small town when I integrated Fray Mocho, when I entered the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. New exigencies for an exigent ambit, with prominent teachers who followed after Clara Wieck and Paul Hindemith, pupil and teacher. 

There were no tests, promotion was according to concept. Each semester we found out in a board to which class we should assist. The opening of the school year followed a formal severity in the Assembly Hall. I enjoyed every day, from 9 in the morning up until well entered the afternoon, with a copious lunch. Before, I spent four months in the Goethe Institut of Arsolen, a small town that sheltered  scholars from all around the world, that had to improve their German in extenuating classes Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon and Saturdays morning, with  weekly and final tests. 


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