In Dolores, Buenos Aires province, I finished High School in its National High School. With a group of teenager we had formed a Cultural Association called “Yerutí”, that was at its beginnings a folkloric “peña”. There began the coral group I directed.  

Between the activities we made, we presented the Theatre School Fray Mocho, with great repercussion. The presence of this group was a realization. Young spirits with interests, decided, open to discussion, to interchange ideas, they shooked the town numbness. Before the show in the Club’s hall venue where the piece was going to be played, Oscar Ferrigno asked what we do. And then we sang for Fray Mocho. When we finished, Oscar came to me and said: “You’re coming with us to Buenos Aires”. That’s how I entered that mythical theatre. With my parent having passed away when I was very young, and my then girlfriend –Nilda Eyras- ready to migrate to the big city, it wasn’t a hard decision to make. At the beginning I help them with songs and the dramatic choirs. Y replaced José Antonio Gallo, whom I found later at the Collegium Musicum Buenos Aires, a well-remembered Maestro that directed the Collegium for the Young. Later in Fray Mocho I funded also a choral group. And when they decided to go on tour around the country, I became the manager that organized it from 1983 until 1958. A huge experience that made a mark on my life at the peak of my youth years. 18.000 kms (11.185 miles) in 304 days from 1954, visiting 18 Argentinian provinces, 7 Chile regions, 265 shows, 76 conferences and 40 exhibitions. Up until 1958 Fray Mocho travelled 80.000 kms (49.710 miles) 


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