During 1983 I was a part of the cultural team that accompanied President at the time Raúl Alfonsín from the National Secretary of Culture. I did it integrating the Culture and Communications Media Workshop from the Politic Participation Center organized within the Renovation and Change Movement of the Civic Radical Union (UCR). In June that year their Work Documents were published. 

Due to that activity I colaborated with the National Music Board, directed by Iván Cosentino. In that way, I participated in the organization of events made by the Argentinian Federation of Young Symphonic Orchestras, in National Festivals in Catamarca, Alta Gracia and Posadas, as a member of the Executive Comitee of the Federation, and other organizing activities for concert tours in different points of the country. For this experience it was very useful having organized the national tours of the Fray Mocho Theater. 


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